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05/26/2007: "Naga Mothers’ Association Press release"

Office of the
Naga Mothers’ Association
Naga Club Building,
Kohima-797001, Nagaland

Press Release
(Dated Kohima, the 24th May 2007)

Following the receipt of a letter from the office of the Watsu Mungdang on 3rd May 2007, and the subsequent report which appeared in The Morung Express on 8th May 2007, under the caption; “Watsu Mundang extends olive branch to NMA”, the Naga Mothers’ Association has also been doing its share of informal consultations and deliberating on the issues surrounding this “strained relationship” between NMA and WM for the last many years.

In this regard, the NMA would in all its sincerity reciprocate the close of this stand-off as indicated in its Silver Jubilee Resolution under clause © which states; “this matter is brought to a conclusion on the occasion of the 2007 WM Silver Jubilee”, dated 19th April, 2007, by agreeing and re-enforcing with what the former President of WM reportedly stated; “not intended to judge who is right or wrong, but simply in the spirit of ‘let bygones be bygones”.

While the Naga Mothers’ Association has been always on the fore-front with other Naga civil society organizations for Peace, Unity and Reconciliation etc. with its slogan “shed no more blood”, despite our many human limitations, this development will be a land-mark in the history of NMA, for which we express our appreciation to the Watsu Mundang leadership and invite them to further share their valuable potentials towards the betterment of our society in general.

Khesheli Chishi
Naga Mothers’ Association.

Lochumbeni Humtsoe,
Joint Secretary,
Naga Mothers’ Association.

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